The Committee on Financial Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences

was founded on the initiative of representatives of the scientific community interested in developing the field of finance, with the support of people from practice, professionally dealing with finance and banking. In Western countries, finance was a clearly distinguished scientific discipline among economics, in which the quantitative approach was important.

The Committee on Financial Sciences was created in 2007 on the initiative and thanks of the efforts of Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Gospodarowicz – Honorary President and was a response to the needs of the academic community.

The Committee on Financial Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, operates at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and its main tasks include:

  • analyzing and assessing the state of science and expressing opinions on matters of the state's scientific policy, especially development directions and research priorities in the discipline of economics and finance,
  • research and studies in the field of financial sciences,
  • developing standards and giving opinions on teaching programs,
  • developing expert opinions and scientific opinions,
  • cooperation in the dissemination of research results and scientific works as well as introducing research results in the field of economy and finance to social and economic practice,
  • assessing and expressing opinions on the level and needs of publishing houses and scientific journals in the field of economics and finance as well as conducting publishing activities,
  • conducting a competition for an award for outstanding scientific achievements in the field of finance (since 2016 it has been awarded by the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences),
  • creation and editing of the Scientific Journal "Finance" (
  • providing recommendations for scientific conferences on financial issues,
  • providing recommendations for textbooks and scientific monographs on financial issues.